Holywell Community is Inaugurated

On September 2nd the Bishop of Monmouth Inaugurated the new Holywell Community. He licensed Fr Mark Soady as Prior and Commissioned Amy Pope and Sam Paterson as members.


During the service the Bishop reminded the Community that they need to be lead by Jesus. A hymn written by Canon William Watkins, sung at the service, reminded the congregation  of “those virtues’ which stem from Christ: meekness, mercy, endurance, and a thirst for right.

The Readings at the Eucharist were Acts of the Apostles 4.32-35 read by Ami Pope and the Gospel of Luke 9.57-end read by the Prior.


Ami says: “It is a great honour and privileged to have been called by God to serve both the Church and wider community in Abergavenny. I am very excited to discover what God has in store for the next year as Sam and I work alongside Fr Mark to bless and serve such a wonderful town. Jesus commanded his disciples to ‘go’ and that’s what we are doing within the Holywell Community: we are going where God sends us to do his work.”

The work of the community will target the consequences of poverty in the area. Although Abergavenny is thought of as a wealthy town, the north of the town is the poorest area in Monmouthshire and this juxta-position of wealth and poverty make it more marked. The outworking of some of the issues around deprivation has tangible consequences for other areas of Abergavenny and community life in general, particularly with regard to the town centre and its access points.


Prior to the service the  Community went on retreat to Llangasty Retreat House led by Bishop Dominic Walker OGS.

We acknowledge the support we are getting from the Additional Curates Society & the Archbishop of Wales Fund for Children for the funding of this Community.

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