The journey thus far

So we are nearing the end of week two and both Sam and I are enjoying our time within the Holywell Community. We began our journey with a retreat at Llangasty Retreat House, in the Brecon Beacons. Fr.Mark, Sam and I were joined by Bishop Dominic OGS, who guided us through the Rule of St. Benedict. We then had our commissioning service on Tuesday evening (Sept 2nd), where I wore an Alb for the first time which was an experience! I am now well acquainted with wearing it and tying the rope around me to adjust the length of it, the joys of being short!

Over the following days Sam and I were in various meetings, being introduced to many people (I apologise now if you were one of them, I’ve most likely forgotten your name – bear with me). We went to a church coffee morning, where we debated if a raffle is gambling – if you have any strong thoughts please get in touch, we are undecided on the matter. There were some lovely cakes and plenty of tea. Everyday we meet as a community in St Mary’s Priory Church for prayer, which is open to the public (I’ll post the times at the end of the blog). I’ve found these prayer times as a great way to keep grounded and focused on why I am here and part of the community. It is not about what I can do in my own strength, but rather what God has ordained for me to do through his strength and grace.

Last Sunday we led our first All Age Worship service, and it seemed to go okay, we know what doesn’t work and so are looking forward to trying out some new stuff tomorrow. Sam preached at a Songs of Praise service as well that day, he spoke very well and brought an important message of how to deal with sin among the church, something we all need to hear.

Monday is our day off, Sam went off on a trip with his girlfriend and her family so I was home alone. I enjoyed the quietness and having time to reflect on the week and what God had started to do in this place. On Tuesday we went to Little Footprints, a parents and toddler group, this revealed us as the big kids we can be! It was great fun and we look forward to being more involved with it.

As the week went on we were in some more meetings and helped to set up for conference groups that were on site, as well as a wedding reception taking place today. So far it has been a busy but exciting time and I know I, for one, am expectant for God to move in this town through the work which the community will do. This year is certainly going to be a year which will change my life, I have no doubt about that and I can’t wait to see what happens.

That’s all for now,
Peace and blessings,

(Keep an eye out for another update by Sam next weekend)

Prayer Times – All in St.Mary’s Priory

08.15hrs Morning Prayer
12noon Midday Prayer
16.30hrs Evening Prayer

One thought on “The journey thus far

  1. i have joined you on my days at St Mary,s when i steward our time together is beautiful and peaceful
    i spend many hours in reflection in St Mary,s talking to our visitors explaining our history
    God had a plan for me when i left my beloved America knowing it would be a one way trip
    I walk into the church immediately blessed i pass my blessings on
    wish you and all who join our community God,s Blessing Amanda


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