Food Fest Busy-ness

Well its been a fairly busy week. Seems like a lot longer than a week ago that the last post went up. So after all that excitement earlier this week we’ve been busy preparing for the food festival. If you follow us on Twitter you will have seen all the monks we made (if not you can see them in the feed to the right).

So I’ve spent the week tracking down large pieces of cardboard to cut monks out of and then copying the monks that Katy drew onto them. Then Amy has been helping to cut them out whilst working on her sermon which she preached at the main service at St Mary’s on Sunday, people seemed to really get something from it which is great.

Anyway back to this week. For our part in the food fest we decided to focus on what myself and Amy are doing this year by creating six 3ft cardboard monks with each one talking about different orders of monks such as Cistercian’s, Benedictine’s, Franciscan’s etc. These seemed to go down well and we had people discussing with us what we are doing this year a bit. We also set out a very colourful prayer labyrinth, the theme of which came about accidentally. When we went to a church friend to borrow some stuff for the labyrinth she suggested rather than using the fabric like last year we use a load of flat plastic bottle cap things. Because they were all different colours we decided to look at what different colours mean in the Christian faith. This resulted in the theme becoming a Christian’s spiritual journey.

Black and grey representing our sin and the things we do wrong. Then red representing Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. Then white showing how we are made pure because of that. Green representing spiritual growth throughout our lives. Blue representing the Holy Spirit who helps us grow and finally amber in the centre representing the glory of God. We placed a simple wooden cross at the centre to act as a focus for worship too.

It turned out to be a great evangelistic tool as many people asked what it was and how it worked which allowed us to explain the gospel to them. A few people used it too which was good to see.

Our final feature was for the kids to keep them entertained as their parents looked around the church. We hid 10 cartoon monks that I had drawn in various places around the church and had tick sheets for people to find them. Most kids found them within an hour or so but it took our Prior Fr Mark a whole day (to be fair he was busy with other things). Due to the forecast we moved our set up to be in the Lewis Chapel rather than being in the Abbot’s Garden which was a mixed blessing; it made us more findable but meant that the labyrinth rather than being in a secluded spot for people to use, was right behind one of the most famous sculptures in the church so people felt rather self conscious using it.

Overall it went well and both myself and Amy enjoyed it. We are now enjoying our day off and taking time to recover before the week ahead.

Now to God who is able to do immeasurably more than we can think or ask, be glory and praise forever. Amen

Amy shall be blogging next week.


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