The Quiet After The Storm

So after the busy-ness Sam and I both welcomed our day off on Monday. Sam enjoyed a well earned lie in, where as my body decided to still wake me up at 7am. Despite my early start I didn’t do much, I put some washing on, did some housework and then went to Cardiff to meet some friends – a nice relaxed way to end the week.

Tuesday saw us at the beginning of week 4 as the Holywell Community and once again we were at Little Footprints, where we get to act like the big kids we are and build towers and play with toys! I also get supplied with plenty of tea so that’s always a plus point đŸ™‚ It’s great to be getting involved with an already amazing project, getting alongside the women who lead it and being a witness and welcoming face to those who come along.

It’s been a quiet week, which has been nice, so not much to report really. Therefore I’m just going to share a little about how I’m finding the community. It’s exactly 1 month since I moved into the community house and now there are 3 of us living here. We have a new associate ecumenical member who is going to be working for Gateway Church for the next 6 months. This means that Sam can finally move in properly and not have to commute from his parents. So I’ve gone from sleeping in a house on my own to being in a house full of boys! This is an exciting new prospect and I’m sure all three of us will greatly benefit from living, and praying, together.

God is already doing some great things through and in us, which is really encouraging and even though it is still early days I’m excited to be seeing what God is doing through the community. I’m feeling extremely blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of such a fantastic pioneering ministry. It’s physically draining but it is completely worth it, and I’m sure my body is getting used to the early mornings again after 2 months worth of lie ins over summer!

In a few weeks we are setting up a bingo afternoon (I’m very excited for this) and there are some other things we’ll be getting involved in so everything looks really promising and God is certainly not dead (to quote one of mine and Sam’s favourite songs).

So that’s all for now, please do pray for the community, our Korean brother, associate ecumenical member and housemate, and all those we’ll be sharin the Gospel with through our work.

Soli Deo Gloria – To God alone be the glory!

Blessings and peace.


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