Gardening and other such things

This week we have been up to our usual things; All age worship on Sunday, Little Footprints on Tuesday and 7Corners later today along with our usual helping around the church. We’ve got into a rhythm now and are really enjoying it despite being glad of the rest on Monday’s.

Amy has been hard at work planning the service for Sunday; a teddy bear’s picnic themed harvest service which I’m really looking forward to and which you’re all welcome to join us for (if not I’m sure Amy will blog about it next week).

We spent our Friday morning helping the gardening team and this week were let loose on the herb beds in the Abbot’s Garden. By the end of the morning all I could smell was lavender, rosemary and mint as that was what we had been cutting back. It’s a rather pleasant smell, that is, until you want to eat.

All age worship is going well, we seem to have found a style which works; using our multimedia experience to create a more visual and engaging service but we are still having some teething problems with the worship as it is difficult to know what songs the congregation know already. We still have good numbers attending and are seeing new faces which is really encouraging.

We are continuing to build relationships with those at Little Footprints and 7Corners. I’m starting to get the hang of it and relaxing a bit more which means I can engage with those there more easily. These are both very worthwhile ministries so I am keen to engage with them as best as I can.

Sungwoo seems to be settling in well and we see him mainly in the evenings as our different schedules mean we miss each other during the day. On Tuesday he treated us to dinner and it was a really good time to get to know him and his background and for him to get to know us. He has been a great blessing to us already as he is keen to help us around the house and get involved wherever he can. For example I spent Thursday cutting the hedge with his assistance.

I think that’s all for this week, Amy shall be updating you next weekend.

Now to God; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be all glory, now and forever more.


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