If you down to the chapel today…

You’ll find tigger, teddies and food!

On Sunday we had a teddy bears picnic to celebrate this years harvest. Sam made some bread, I attempted but failed at making a cake (so we bought one) and we also had some apples and grapes. I took along one of my teddy bears and my big tigger who I’ve had since I was about 5. Sam forgot to bring his teddy, as did Fr.Mark but our treasurer Robin and vicars warden Sheila came along with theirs so we had a good gathering of both teddies and people. The service went well, I spoke about why we celebrate harvest, we gave thanks to God for all he does for us and we prayed for those less fortunate than ourselves… Oh and we ate plenty of cake 🙂

Monday saw our day off and Sam and I have started going to a bible study group on Monday evenings. Two of the ladies from the group were hoping to be at our all age service but had other commitments so I spent Monday afternoon making brownies to take with me. (They tasted good, but we’re slightly on the gooey side, a few more mins in the oven and they would have been perfect).

We were back at Little Footprints on Tuesday morning and back to being big kids! Sam and I joke that we are there because we need babysitting… We’ll leave you to make up your minds on that one!

Over the week we have been coming up with new outreach ideas so watch this space to find out details in the near future, some great things are in the pipeline.

Thursday afternoon we wet down to 7Corners (youth drop in centre), we had a good afternoon chatting with Ange and some of the young people who popped in. We’ll be back with them tomorrow afternoon.

We have spent today gardening and planning for this weeks all age worship service. Gardening this morning was less smelly than last week, only chopping back lavender and then doing some weeding. It’s been raining for most of the week, surprising for Wales ;-), so we weren’t 100% sure if we’d be gardening today, but the heavens didn’t open and it stayed dry for us.

That’s about all for now, Sam will be back next week with another update!

Oh and before we go, Fr.Mark is off to Rome for a week on Sunday so leaving Sam and I to go it alone, we have promised not to have too much fun without him!

Many blessings,

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