On My Own

Hi everyone,

So this week Amy went back to Cliff College for a teaching week so it has just been me. Its been a busy and interesting week so lets get to it.

We started the week on Sunday with a service where the Bishop confirmed 6 young people and one not so young person. It was a great occasion to be a part of as these people took this new step on their Christian walk, especially as I’ve known one of them since he was born. On Monday I had my day off as usual and then on Tuesday I had an unexpectedly quiet day. Bingo is fortnightly so didn’t fall on this week but also Little Footprints was cancelled since the leaders were unwell. This saw me spending my day planning and coming up with ideas for All Age Worship and the Assembly (we shall come to that shortly).

On Wednesday I spent my day working in the Tithe Barn Foodhall. Kate taught me how to make the drinks, I don’t drink tea or coffee so rarely make that, let alone the more complex ones. So I now know how to make Tea, Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate. We were very busy that day so there was plenty to do, from taking orders to making drinks and taking food out.

Thursday saw me going back to my old junior school (now the primary school for the area) to take the aforementioned assembly. I spoke about how nobody is perfect apart from God and how we can depend on Him to always be there for us. I had a wealth of choice for volunteers when I needed some audience participation and everyone seemed to really enjoy the assembly. Being back there was a bit strange but not as surreal as you might expect; the building has been reworked quite extensively inside and as such bears only a slight resemblance to how I remember it. A few of the teachers were still there and recognised me and said Hi which was nice.

Later that day myself, Fr Mark and Paul went up to the castle to collect a mannequin to be turned into an archer for the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt next year. We had lots of fun with it back at the Tithe Barn; sitting it in one of the seats and dressing it up as staff.

Friday morning I was back with the gardening team. There is less to do around the grounds these days as nothing is really growing. We moved the Easter focus cross into the quiet area of the Abbots garden as it is no longer fit to be hung in the church. It looks really good and makes the area feel somehow more peaceful. Unfotunately gardening got rained off pretty quickly so I spent the rest of my morning getting the Google Nexus’ up and running for our virtual tour in the church.

Finally today I have spent all day at 7Corners. First for HotSpot training and then for our usual work with them this afternoon. HotSpot is an idea to take a caravan into the troubled areas of the town (as identified by the police) during the evening to be there for people if they want to chat or hang out and be a welcoming presence in these areas. I’m really excited for this to get underway.

That’s all for this week. Amy shall be blogging next. Now to God be the glory, the praise and adoration, now and forever. Amen


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