I Got All My Sisters With Me

On Saturday we installed our new parish Deacon and Community Sub-Prior, Rev. Sarah Gillard-Faulkner. It’s wonderful to have another woman around the place, living and working with two men is great but I do feel a lack of sisterhood within the community, so now we have Sarah I’m excited to not be the only woman in town!

It was a wonderful service on Saturday with many people out in support of Sarah. Family and friends of hers travelled from afar and the local church community came and participated in the service. Bishop Richard gave a lovely address in which he talked about the gifts and talents which Sarah has been blessed with, and in turn can bless us with.

Sarah will, no doubt, be a great asset to everyone in the parish of Abergavenny and also to the rest of the community. She will be with us on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s as well as two Sunday’s a month as she is also a prison chaplain and the Bishop’s chaplain. So although she will be spread thin, we can assure you that Sarah will give us all 100%, as she does in everything she is doing.

That’s the main news from the week, Sam will blog around this next week as we are off to Llandudno for The Time Is Now: 2020 Vision conference  this weekend meaning we won’t have as much time as we usually do to blog.

For now though, to God be the Glory in all that we do.

Blessings in Christ,

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