2020 Vision

Firstly apologies that this is a bit late, we have had a very busy few days due to the time we missed whilst in Llandudno which we shall get onto shortly.

Last week was fairly varied in terms of what we got up to. I took my day off on Wednesday so worked on my own on Monday tidying up around the church, namely getting the staging put away neatly. On Tuesday Sarah joined us at Little Footprints, it was great to have another person there although I was too busy getting swamped by kids to hugely notice. I forgot that when you play with one child suddenly they all want to play and you’re suddenly trying to entertain 5 or 6.

Wednesday was fairly quiet, I was away and Amy was planning All Age Worship. And on Thursday we recorded our second weekly radio show which, if you weren’t aware, broadcasts every Sunday at 10am on NHSound. Details of that along with past shows can be found on our radio page in the menu above.

On Friday we, along with delegates from the Monmouth, Swansea and Brecon, and Llandaff Diocese’ travelled up to Wrexham on a coach; a 5 hour trip. The conference focused on the Church in Wales’ future (referred to as ‘2020 Vision’) and the restructuring which is currently taking place. We heard what was going on in the different Diocese’ and how they were implementing the vision and how Ministry Area’s are being structured. For those uninitiated a ministry area is a group of parishes which are drawn together due to cultural, geographical or other reasons. Each church in the ministry area has its own focal minister who runs that church, these can be lay or ordained ministers. The ministry area as a whole is led by a ministry area leader who will be an ordained priest. The idea is that a whole ministry area works together in reaching out into their collective community with the love of God and His Gospel. In pooling the monetary and human resources of the churches together it enables this to take place more effectively as you will in theory have more people drawn to the same types of outreach.

It was great to see people from across the country worshiping together in both English and Welsh, sometimes simultaneously. It was also wonderful to meet new people and hear what is going on in their part of the world and get idea’s of what could work here.

On Sunday we trialed a slightly new approach to All Age Worship; we got rid of the booklets and ran the entire service, including the songs, from the screen. We also tried out a new form of confession where we all took a moment to think about the past week and how we had let God down and then take a stone from the pile at the side of the chapel and place it at the foot of the cross as a sign of handing it over to God and turning away from it, leaving it at the foot of the cross.

I think that’s where I shall leave it for this week. Amy shall be blogging next week.

God Bless,


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