The Big Move

On Tuesday Sarah moved in to her new home. After a month of commuting, she’s finally here in Abergavenny and starting to unpack and settle in a new place. Both Sarah and the moving van + men arrived at lunchtime on Tuesday so Sam and I wandered over after grabbing some food and so began the unpacking! The afternoon was mainly spent with Sam up a ladder, and me following Sarah around the house with boxes, possessions and, most importantly, I was in charge of both cleaning the kettle and making the cuppa’s. Whilst up the ladders Sam was hanging curtains, as I cleaned furniture around him – doing my best not to knock him off.

There was also the task of putting furniture together, I was given some lamps to build [read: put the lampshades on] whilst temporary wardrobes were being constructed in the room next door. By the time the removal men had everything in the house, we were making good progress with the unpacking. Once we had made Sarah’s bed, ensuring she could at least sleep that night, we wandered back to St Mary’s for evening prayer and Llanfoist Primary School’s Christingle service.

Wednesday morning and we were back at the house, this time to tackle the kitchen (but not after Sam was back up a landder hanging lampshades). He seems to enjoy being up ladders, maybe it’s because he feels like a giant!?! Once the lampshades were up we ventured into the unknown of the many boxes of kitchen utensils and crockery. Sarah asked me to clean her oven and so I spent most of the day sat on the floor with Sam and Sarah moving around myself and the boxes. By the end of the day all the boxes in the kitchen were unpacked, the oven looked nearly brand new and we were all knackered but pleased with the progress.

There are of course lots more boxes to be unpacked but at least for now Sarah has a bed to sleep in, tv to relax with and a kitchen to make food in. The essentials are there.

It’s wonderful to now have Sarah in Abergavenny with us as we are looking forward to what the new year brings.

So to our God who is all we ever need, our sustainer and our saviour be all the glory and honour, amen.
Have a wonderful Christmas, from all at the Holywell Community and keep your eyes out for Sam who’ll be blogging in the new year.

God bless,

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