Back in the swing of things

Firstly, my apologies this has taken so long to get to you. I have been head deep in an essay and this slipped my mind a few times!

So we’re back from the busy holiday season and back in the swing of things. I was away for new year spending some time with my partner and family back in Norfolk. It was great to get to see my parents again and be back with my home church for a few days. Saying that though, it’s good to be back in Abergavenny and getting stuck right back in.

Tuesday morning we kicked off with Little Footprints, it was great to be back and see all the smiling kids and parents/grandparents/childminders once more. As I’ve said before it’s a good way to start the working week, really wakes you up!

In the afternoon we were back with Afternoon Tea and Games, another highlight of my week! Sam and I learnt how to play dominos which was fun, I even won a game! Then Sam was back to NH Sound for his weekly radio show (keep your eyes peeled for our next one, it’ll be online soon!)

Wednesday was just as busy, but this time with planning. Sam was writing his talk for, and organising Cafe Church which started on Sunday. I was switching between planning for all age worship, our new creative evening and writing my essay.

Thursday was a continuation of Wednesday, finalising bits and pieces needed for our different events. Friday saw me off with a strong headache and so Sam was at work with Fr Mark. After sleeping for the majority of the day I was feeling much better but Sam came home and went to bed after having a headache all day too.

On Saturday we were back at 7 Corners. We played chess, watched some scrabble being played. In the evening I was back to essay writing and Sam was putting the finishing touches to everything for Cafe Church.

So it’s been a busy week last week why us, Sam is back on Friday with the next blog post.

All the glory to God,

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