Getting Organised

As I write this on Friday afternoon I am watching Amy on Wii Fit in the living room, it is rather amusing so apologies if this post seems a bit disjointed. This week has been a fair bit calmer than the previous two. On Sunday we held our first All Age Worship after the Christmas break. As we have mentioned on here previously we have a yurt in the Lewis Chapel where All Age Worship takes place so we decided to hold it in there, we did our usual style of service but sat down for almost all of it due to height restrictions.

In the afternoon we held our first Cafe Church. This new form of service is aimed at those who don’t usually go to church and is held at Christchurch Hall. It starts at 3 and you can sit and get tea, coffee, cake and chat for a bit before there is some worship. Then a speaker will give a talk on common questions and objections to Christianity which have been gathered from people in and around the area. Anyone can come and try it out so if it sounds like something you’d be interested in please feel free to come along.

On Tuesday morning we helped out at Little Footprints as usual and then in the afternoon Amy started set up for her creative prayer evening and I shadowed Fr Mark to bless the house of a member of the congregation. This was really interesting to be a part of and gave more of an insight into the varied activities undertaken by a priest. In the evening we had the first creative prayer evening at Holy Trinity, I was only able to help for the final half but everyone who attended seemed to gain something from it and the peaceful atmosphere was wonderful.

On Wednesday morning we did our second assembly at Cantref School, we spoke about changing the world through the small everyday actions such as being kind to everyone, not just our friends. Over lunch that day we wrote out our schedule in terms of mornings, afternoons and evenings and what we do each day. We then assigned some of these to planning and are going to aim to keep the rest free, we hope this will help us manage our time more effectively. That afternoon we recorded this week’s radio show which will be broadcast on NHSound at 10pm on Sunday and shall appear on our Mixcloud on Monday.

Thursday was spent relaxing as we had completed all that we had to do for the first part of the week. Amy went to Newport for some interviews in the afternoon.

The Bishop is visiting us tomorrow so we look forward to that. Amy shall tell you about it next week.

God Bless,


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