United We Stand

As we mentioned in the previous blog post, it has been the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity this week. As a Community we went along to the different prayer meetings, held in the different churches throughout the town. It’s been great for myself as I’ve not been in any of them before and so I now have more a sense of the Christian community, as a whole, in the town after visiting and worshipping in these different places.

On Monday, there was prayers held at the United Reformed Church – we were not at this meeting, Sarah was in Prison all day (she’s a chaplain!), Mark was doing parish duties, and Sam and I were on our day off. We joined everyone on Tuesday at the Methodist Church, and as we walked in I turned to Sam and said ‘oh yes, this is definitely a Methodist Church, can’t you imagine Wesley (John) up there in the pulpit!’ After a lovely service, which took me back to my days at Cliff College (good old Hymns and Psalms – you can’t beat it!) we had an equally lovely soup lunch. Wednesday saw us with the Salvation Army, a new experiences for me – although I know some members of the SA, I’ve never been to one of their services. There was an equally wonderful soup lunch and I went away feeling both physically and spiritually full. On Thursday we joined the Baptists and Sam felt right at home. During his years at university, he spent two of them worshipping at a Baptist church. Friday saw us at the Roman Catholic church, something slightly familiar after having worshipped in an Anglo-Catholic church for the past 4 years. Tomorrow we will be finishing the week of prayer with a service at St Mary’s at 2:30pm – everyone is welcome.

The whole week has been a fantastic opportunity to get together as the Church, the body of Christ, and worship and pray together. We meditated on Scripture, we ate, talked and laughed. We were family, one group of people meeting of the same purpose, breaking down the barriers that may have previously ensued. It has been a wonderful week and I, for one, hope and pray that this is only the beginning.

My prayer, for the churches of Abergavenny, is that we, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, would continue to be united in our ministry and worship. I pray this week is not quickly forgotten, but rather it is a catalyst for united change and that we would be standing together.

The only way we can do this is with the help of the Holy Spirit, and so to God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit may all the glory be given, amen.

Blessings to you all,

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