Governing Body

This week I went to my first meeting of the governing body after being co-opted as an under 30’s rep earlier this year. During my time there I gained an insight into the inner workings of the province and met people from across the country.

We looked at all sorts of topics relating to the life of our church. From clergy pay to the youth work happening in the northern diocese’. It was great to hear about all that is going on and incredibly encouraging to hear about all the different outreach people are doing both in the conference and in the group discussions.

There was good news such as the churches work to tackle poverty and is on track to become a fairtrade province by world fairtrade day. There was also not so good news such as the slower than expected balancing of genders within the clergy. We had teenagers from the St Asaph youth forum come to tell us what they are doing and for us to ask them questions about how to reach the youth of today.

All of the worship and some of the speeches were bilingual and it was good to be able to worship alongside my brothers and sisters who prefer to use welsh whilst still being able to be involved myself. Welsh is something I neglected at school and have since come to wish that I hadn’t so it was good to be able to hear it being used properly and to be able to pick some up.

During my time there I also met people from across the province who were all really lovely. I was able to talk about what we are doing here and hear about what they are doing in their parishes and diocese’.

Overall I very much enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to meeting again in September.


p.s if you want to read further and in more depth about what was discussed you can do so by clicking here to read Highlights, the magazine of the Governing Body

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