Fellowship and Fire

This week has been full of variety, and has been very productive. No two day has been the same. For some time now Sam and I have been saying that we really need to start working on our garden at the community house, so on Monday we spent the day in the glorious sun, mowing, hedge trimming and building a bench out of bricks and stone. We had a great day together and although there is still a lot of work to be done we made good progress and began to prepare the ground for a veg patch we plan to put in.

Tuesday we were back at little footprints and then at exposition at Our Lady and St Michaels. I’m still aligning my theology with exposition but it’s a good time to spend with God and in prayer. In the afternoon Sam was helping Mark to move a desk out of his study, and I was helping Sarah clear her study for said desk. It was a good afternoon for Sam and I to help out our prior’s as they were otherwise engaged in parish duties. Days like these are when community comes into it’s own, I feel. Mark and Sarah needed these things to happen but had prior commitments, where as Sam and I were able to juggle things about and step in to help. It can be difficult at times when it seems like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done but that is when God steps in and can, and will, provide help if we ask him.

Wednesday and Thursday were ordinary days, nothing eventful happening, except for Wednesday evening which Sam and I had set aside and community “date night”. I had noticed it had been a few weeks since we had spent time hanging out together, chatting and enjoying each others company so we set on Wednesday to eat, chat and pray with one another. Sam has built a fire pit out of lots of bricks in the garden so whilst Sam was cooking dinner I lit the fire, we spent the next few hours in the garden chatting, sharing food, drinking wine and relaxing. We both felt a lot better for it at the end of the evening and both realised we had missed having that quality time.

As a community it is so important to take that time to invest in one another, we can easily think we are spending quality time with one another when we live, work and pray as a community but that’s not always the case. It is so vital and important to take time out to eat, share, relax and have a laugh together. Sam and I try to do that once a week or fortnight, and we notice when it’s not there.

That’s about it this week, really it’s been a week of building community and sharing in fellowship. So to God, who is our ultimate companion, be all the honour and glory. Amen.


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