Glastonbury Meditation

Today, as I’m sure you know, the community went on the annual Glastonbury Pilgrimage. We had a great time worshipping in the ruins of the Abbey and it was a wonderful way to celebrate the feast of St Benedict.

Br Sam as part of the worship led a reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament at Exposition. What follows is the transcript for it.

God Bless,

Samuel & Amy

We adore you O Christ and we praise You. You who take upon Yourself the most fragile of forms. Revealing Your presence here in this bread, so easily consumed, so fragile, so vulnerable. Present in ages past in human form. Taking the form of an infant born in a stable. So fragile, weak and helpless. You know the fragility of human life more than any other and yet You still chose to bear it, to unite yourself with our humanity. But out of that fragility you fulfil it, perfect it. Taking a seemingly weak form and making it powerful and magnificent. Your perfected humanity, robed in white, feet like burnished bronze, Your face shining, Your eyes flaming. And this Blessed Sacrament filled with Your presence, renewing our faith and bringing us life.

Your willingness to take on such fragile forms in order to save us deserves our endless praise. To risk a mortal life that You might bring us back to God, to restore us to Yourself. It is this humility we should emulate. Finding Yourself in human form You did not exalt yourself but humbled Yourself to be lower than any other, to accept death, even death on a cross. Despite having every right to rule over us You chose to serve, to be amongst the lowest in society, to surround Yourself with those whom society would rather forget about, who were shunned for what they did and had done. We are but dust and yet You took our form. We are but clay and yet You choose to serve us. Our life is but a breath and yet You love us. Lord help us to see that. May we be humbled by that. May we never stop praising You for that. That You use us to speak to the world of You and Your love. That You choose weak humans to share Your heart with this world.

On this day when we remember Your servant Benedict we thank You for his teaching. For his humility and his heart for those who are vulnerable, for his care for those who were weaker than himself. For his rule which reminds us the importance of that humility and obedience. That teaches us to obey You and to obey those whom You have put over us. Not begrudgingly but gratefully just as You Yourself did when you walked this earth. Your servant Benedict lived as you did, not seeking leadership, not seeking to gain influence but accepting what You asked of him, to lead the monks around him and to call them to a higher standard. May you help us to understand the needs of those around us and to realise that not everyone can hold to the same standard and to be gracious to them as you are gracious.

We thank you that just as he lived in your presence then so can we. That right now you are near to us, drawing us closer into your presence. We praise you for welcoming us into your presence and worship you for all that you have, are and will do for and amongst us and gracious Lord; let us prefer nothing whatsoever to knowing you.

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