One Year On…

One year on after its creation its Episcopal-Visitor, Bishop Richard of Monmouth commissioned two new Lay Members taking the total membership of the Community up to six.

During the Service the Prior Canon Mark Soady read from the Rule of St Benedict the spirit of which the Community follows, “First of all, every time you begin a good work you should pray to him with total commitment to bring it to perfection, so that he who has already been kind enough to count us as his sons will never be disappointed by our doing wrong”.

Having blessed their Pectoral crosses Bishop Richard commissioned the Lay members,”The people of God are called by him to be the Eucharistic community in the church and in the world, and to live lives in thanksgiving to God for all that he has done for us in Christ.  You have been called to fulfil that life in a particular way .We praise God who called you and equipped you for His service and we thank you for responding so readily to that call”.


community at play

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