A Change of Perspective

They asked each other; “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us? – Luke 24: 32

Two key resurrection passages involve roads. The road to Damascus full of hatred and anger until Christ steps in and Paul is changed forever and the road to Emmaus full of sorrow and despair and disappointment and then Christ Himself is walking with them. Whatever road we are on Christ is walking with us whether we notice or not, it might be we notice immediately as Paul does or it may only be when we look back. On the road to Emmaus those disciples were changed without even realising it. Were not our hearts burning within us. Hearts heavy with the weight of all that has happened are lifted and set on fire for God, and they don’t even realise until he has gone and they are reflecting back. When our hearts are heavy laden with the weight of our past, or our present circumstances and we just want to walk away from it all and give up Christ is there with us but will we recognise that.

I wonder if they felt slightly cheated in that in recognising Him He leaves them. All those unanswered questions and things they want to say. I wonder if they wanted more. More time with Him, to spend more time talking and learning. But Jesus has given them all that they need. We see that they need no more as they immediately race back to Jerusalem to share the news. They are changed and need no more. I wonder if you’ve ever had one of those moments in your life with God where you feel you are stood on the top of a mountain. You feel so close to God and know that you can do anything with Him regardless of your circumstances. You truly know His presence with you and never want to leave. But just like those disciples we can’t stay on top of that mountain. At some point we have to leave and go back into the world we are part of. Christ wants us to, in vanishing before the disciples and in letting us come down from that spiritual high He knows that we are moving on to do His work, to be His hands and His feet. We are no good on top of a mountain when those who need us live in the valleys below.

And as He disappears from their sight we notice something; none of the facts have changed, He is risen whether He had appeared to them or not, however Christ has drawn close to them and in turn they have been drawn close to God the Father and their perspective has changed, they see as He does. And that is sometimes what we need, sometimes our circumstances can’t or don’t need to change, all that needs to be changed is for us to see it how God see’s it. To see our lives through His eyes; and then we will know what we have to do, what our purpose is in that place or relationship. Come to me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest says Christ elsewhere but here He gives them joy and hope. And that Joy and Hope make all the difference in the world to them and that same Joy and Hope is offered to us, to change our own little corner of the world and in turn to change the world around us in our own little way. So let us draw near to God, allow Him to change our perspective and ask for His Joy and Hope that we may be changed.

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