A week ago, as you will have seen if you follow us on Twitter, I went out for the first time with the HotSpot caravan. HotSpot is an initiative of the Youth Centre 7Corners which we help out with on a Saturday afternoon. The idea is to take some of what we do at the centre out to those areas of the town and surrounding villages where Youth gather or there are trouble spots identified by the local police.

The caravan has been up and running since the beginning of March and has been arriving weekly in Llanfoist. Last Saturday was my first proper outing with it and although tiring it was very much worth it. As we pulled into the street a number of young people came to greet us and chat whilst we set everything up and once we were organised we spent the next few hours chatting with them both on and off the caravan, making hot drinks for them all, the hot chocolate is especially popular, and sharing stories. We had a good number of people join us, some for a short while and others for the full two and a half hours and despite the teething problems with the generator, which we haven’t managed to get running yet, a good time was had by all.

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