Lay Concentor to be recruited

Since its establishment, the Holywell Community’s unique blend of prayer, worship and service has not only allowed the lay members to challenge their personal sense of vocation, but has also strengthened and deepened the spiritual life of the parish. At the start of its third year we are offering a young composer or musician the opportunity to establish the new role of Lay Concentor within it. The role will combine being the lead musician within the community, participating as a full member of the community in terms of its life of prayer and service, with being allocated time and space to concentrate on developing and refining their musical/or and compositional skills
This person will have made a conscious decision to work as a musician within a specifically Christian context, but may not be considering a calling to the ministry.

What is a Concentor?
The word comes from the Latin “concentio” which has amongst it’s meanings “musician”, “harmony” and “singing together”.

For our purposes, we envisage someone who will:

 -work as a full member of the community, helping to lead the prayer life through their music,

 -contribute to the musical life of the wider parish as a part of the team of musicians

 -wish to benefit from time and space to refine and develop their particular musical/compositional skills

- Relish the opportunity to respond to the liturgical needs of the church, both as a performer, composer and director.
What can we offer you?
St Mary’s has significant resources, not only in terms of its buildings and instruments, but also its choral tradition, music staff and the opportunity to work with young people. The range of liturgical situations would allow the opportunity to compose and try out new material on a regular basis; providing the church with a range of new and innovative music that would strengthen and deepen its worshipping life.
The ongoing chance to experience full-time monastic life and daily saying of the psalms will provide a deepening of person-al faith and understanding of the rhythm of scripture.

The music staff at St Mary’s have considerable experience, not only of producing and performing new music, but also in advising and tutoring young musicians in their craft. This provides the opportunity for any young musician to benefit from the coaching the staff can provide, as well as the chance to develop their own conducting and performing skills, as appropriate .


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