Today at the All Age Eucharist we celebrated Pentecost. We sang songs all about how the Holy Spirit helps us in our lives today. Br Michael made us even more Hi-Tech with his new watch which he used to control the screen and Br Sam gave the talk below.


Today is a very special day, it’s the feast of Pentecost. It marks the day that the Church began, it’s our birthday, not of St Mary’s Priory, that has only been here for about 1000 years, not of the Anglican movement that’s only been going for about 500 years. It’s the birthday of the whole church across the world. It’s about our 2000th birthday.

And it appears we’ve been sent a present.

Let’s see who it’s from. “To the Church, lots of love, God”.  Let’s see what’s inside.


Oh, a balloon, that’s a strange present. I suppose it will help to decorate the place. I’ll just add some more. Hmm that doesn’t look quite right. What’s wrong with it, I can’t work it out. Oh I have to put air in it. I thought it looked fine.

Is that better? You see on the first Pentecost, when the Church was born God gave us a gift, the Holy Spirit. He breathed His Holy Spirit into Jesus’ friends hiding in the upper room and He promises it to all of us who believe in Him and follow Him. It’s God living inside us helping us. Just like these balloons. They’re not that great on their own are they, you can sort of use them but they’re much better with air inside them, you can put them up to make the place look pretty, you can let them go and they fly all round the room, much more fun. When God breathes His Holy Spirit into us He helps us, we can do stuff on our own but we can do it much better with Him, He helps us every day to do what we are meant to do, He gives us the words to tell others the Good News about Jesus and helps us to become more like Jesus in how we act and what we say. And so as we go from here let us pray that God uses us to share His message and that His Spirit will help us and give us the power to do that. Amen

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