Not-the-Panto Nativity

The Prior, Fr Mark says “I am blessed with the members of the Community  –   this is their latest offering at Tonight’s Christingle”:


Narrator: Knock Knock
(Audience/cast: Who’s there?)
Narrator: Mavis
Audience/cast: Mavis who?
Narrator: Mavis be a tale you will never forget!
Narrator: It happened one dark night, long, long ago. There were shepherds in the field, watching their sheep.
They were talking to each other..
Shepherd: What do you call a sheep on a trampoline? (pause) A wooly jumper!
Narrator: when suddenly they saw a light.
The light was so bright and so beautiful that it looked like it was morning.
But that was not so.
The light came from an Angel,
An angel with a message sent from God.
Angel: Knock knock
Shepherd: Who’s there?
Angel: Mark
Shepherd: Mark who?
Angel: Mark the Herald Angels sing!
Narrator: The shepherds were frightened.
Angel: Do not be afraid, just listen
Narrator: Then the angel told them some wonderful news,
Angel: In Bethlehem a child is born, whose name is Jesus and who will bring joy to all people.
Go now and see him, wrapped in linen cloths and lying in a manger.

Narrator: When the angel finished speaking there came another angel, and after that another and another, until the sky was filled with angels.
And all the angels sang a song together.
So sweet was the sound of their song that sheep and shepherds stood still in the field to listen. Angels: Glory be to God on high and peace on earth
Narrator: When the song had ended, the angels disappeared.
Shepherds: Oh, how beautiful that was.
Narrator: The shepherds set out for Bethlehem to see the child that the angels had told them about.
After they had been walking a while they came to a stable.
It was a white stable, with green wooden doors and a window that could not be closed because there was no shutter.
It was a stable where animals could sleep when it was too cold outside.
Shepherd: Can it be here?
Could Jesus be born in a stable.
The angel had said that we would find him wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.
And a manger is a trough that cattle eat from.
Come on, let’s go inside.
Narrator: And they found a baby who was wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger, just as the angel said.
Mary and Joseph stood beside the manger.
The shepherd moved quietly towards them.
Oh how happy they were to have discovered Jesus.
And they told Mary and Joseph about the message the angel had brought to them.
Do you know who else was going to the stable in Bethlehem?
Wise men.
They wore fine robes of yellow, red and green, and gold crowns on their heads.
And they rode on camels.
When at last they came to the stable, they climbed down from their camels and they all brought out precious gifts.
Mary took the child out of the manger so that they could see him well.
They gave their frankinscence and myrrh and gold to him.
How glad the wise men were to have found the child, he who had come to bring hapiness to everyone.
Mary: How did you know that Jesus was born in this place?
Wise Man: One evening we who live in distant lands had seen a star so beautiful that we had met together for we said to each other:
A very special child must have been born
Narrator: For the wise men knew that when such a glorious star appeared in heaven it could only mean that a special child had been born and they came to find him and bring him gifts.
They told Mary and Joseph that they had found him because…
Wise Man: The sat nav broke, but the star had pointed the way.
Narrator: The wise men had a long, long journey home so quietly they went away.
Wise Man: How did Mary and Joseph know how much the baby weighed at birth? They had away in a manger!
Narrator: Mary stood with Joseph waving until they were out of sight.
The shepherds too went home.
Shepherds: It’s good to know that mother and baby are in a stable condition!
Narrator: When they returned, they told everyone they met about the birth of Jesus.
And the ones they told, told other people, until everyone heard the news.
And everyone was glad. They all agreed that every year the day of Jesus’ birth should be very special

(c) Holywell Community


One thought on “Not-the-Panto Nativity

  1. Grate dialogue for the Panto!!
    “A woolly jumper”; I am still laughing.
    Seriously I bet the Panto was a success.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…..
    Sherri-Ellen T-D. from Canada 🙂


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