Honoring the Angels

I want to take some time to focus on the powers that angels seem to have.

We have spoken about the ferocity of the seraphim and cherubim. Angels are also extremely determined, when given a task they will stop at nothing until they have completed it.

Although angels appear in the most poignant and significant moments in the bible, it is important to note how they are submissive to God, they receive their gifts from him just as we do, seraphim spend there time continuously praising the Lord, so yes they are incredibly powerful but they are not omnipotent. They also are not Omnipresent, as they are sent where they are needed to be, by being ‘sent’ that shows that they were not already there.

The trait of wise is often given to angels, however just like us they receive their knowledge from the Lord. Angels are closer to God than we are and do have a more of an insight to the happens in the world and in heaven however, they are not omniscient, as no one could know the plan of God. As the booklet states in the Gospel according to Matthew we are told of how not even the angels know when the day of the Lord is coming, (Matt 24:36) and as previously mentioned when I spoke about how humans do not become angels The book of Peter makes this clear by telling us how the holy spirit passes messages to human kind and the angels wish they too could hear it. If the angels where omniscience they would not need to hear these messages as they would already know.

This leads on to the next subject for discussion quite nicely. Angels may be powerful and seem to be the ones to carry out actions that help or hinder our lives but the actions they carry out are the actions they are given by God. Just because Angels are celestial beings does not make them Gods, Jesus and the patriarch and prophets are all very clear about how we should only worship God.

It is similar to misunderstanding between different denominations of Christianity itself. The more protestant traditions believing that the more catholic traditions worship or pray to the saints.

This is not the case, the saints in catholic traditions are given praise based on their devotions to the faith however this is not the same as worship. Also the saints are not prayed to but we ask for them to pray for us to the Lord.

Similarly angels are given there due respect but are not to be worshiped.

The only ones to be worshiped are, the father, the son and the Holy spirit. The one God by whom all things were made.

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