Here is a a flavour of the things we’ve been doing this Holy Week, around our normal round of prayers.

Tuesday in Holy Week

Having attended the Diocesan Chrism Mass in the morning we spent the afternoon taking out the Passion message in to the sheltered housing complexes where we sang seasonal Hymns with the residents of Victoria Court.

Wednesday in Holy Week

The morning was spent helping lead a craft morning for families at Holy Trinity Church. Great Fun was had by all!

Maundy Thursday

After the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ washing the disciples feet on the first Maundy Thursday, today we polished the shoes of commuters on their way to work from Abergavenny Station.


Later we assisted at the Priory Church’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Feet Washing, Stripping of the Altars, and then accompanied the Blessed Sacrament as it was processed through the town to the Garden of Repose at Holy Trinity Church.


Good Friday

Christchurch at 9am saw Sr Jennii lead the Stations of the Cross.

After joining in the Ecumenical Silent March of Witness through the town, we led an Ecumenical Devotion at the Foot of the Cross in the Priory Church. This was the last use of Nigel Robert Pugh’s Stations of the Cross before the display closes

We marked the last hour at 2pm, and Concentor Br Simon joined the Priory Choir for their Sacred concert at 7pm.

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