Where are the old Holywell Lay Members now?

The Prior writes,

I regularly get asked about those who have previously been in the Holywell Community. ‘How are they?’ ‘What are they up to?’ Having been at the Monastic Taster Day at the weekend, I thought now was an opportune moment to share news of them….and their journey.

I was great to see Br Adrian (2016-18) recently when we visited Mucknell Abbey to collect the St Jospeh Icon. Adrian has just completed his first year of noviciate. He has clearly found his home there.


Of the 6 at the recent Conference in Ty Mawr 2 were formerly with us : Joanna (2nd Left) and Br Adrian (far right)

After the recent postulants and novices Conference at Ty Mawr,  Joanna  (2017-18) visited us while dropping of a fellow conference member to the train. Many who have seen her at Ty Mawr confirmed the impression I got that she is very happy and contented there.

A few weeks ago I had Tea with Samuel ( 2014 -16) at the Hilton in Cardiff. He is now in his third and final year of Ordination Training. Following his Deaconing at the end of June, I have invited him to Deacon our End of Term / Feast of St Benedict Mass here on the evening of July 11th.

Jennii (2016-18) is working as a Parish Missioner in Aberavon. She is a regular visitor to Abergavenny and all seems to be well with her.

Amy (2014-16) and Michael (2015-17) have returned to the secular world. I spoke to both of them over the Summer . Amy was working as a Barmaid and Michael as a Librarian.

That leaves Simon (2016-17) who after gaining his BMus from Leeds has returned to the locality to live, while studying for his MMus at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. Our former Concentor is now the Priory’s Deputy Director of Music.




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