I guess you might be wondering how we mark Lent and Holy Week.

Veiling the Crucifix in the Priory Church ready for Passiontide

During Lent Br Josh has been leading a Bible Study for the Anglican Congregations on Wednesday evening at St Mary’s Priory and Friday morning at Holy Trinity Church. The study is called the Bible Course, and provides a general overview of the entire Bible. This is very helpful for being able to place our lectionary readings in their context and for our own engagement with the Bible.

Saturday evenings have seen us walking the Stations of the Cross. On the Eve of Passion Sunday it was great to welcome Fr Tom Reagan OSB to lead us in the Stations.

In our reading slot, usually dedicated to Patristics, we have been studying a Lent Book written by our old friend Jane Williams, entitled The Merciful Humility of God. This book has formed the basis of our study in our Community Meetings on Tuesday evenings.

The book invites us both into the form of humility shown by God in the life of Jesus and into contact with lives that have been transformed by God’s humility. God’s power is, she says, to be understood in terms of God’s humility. That is, God doesn’t need anything from us and so is free to serve us in a completely gratuitous form of humility. Something like this is then seen in the lives of figures like Augustine and Julian of Norwich, who have been touched by the humble God.

We have added None to our daily public round of prayer each day during Lent. Our community lunch in now bookended by the Office. The addition to our daily prayers of Psalm 126, with its promise of a joyful harvest, and Psalm 127, with its reminder that it is God who is responsible for our growth and not us, have been a blessing to us during this Lent.

During Holy Week we will be actively involved in the round of Liturgy at the local Anglican Churches. For details See here. This means that offices will not be said publicly over the Triduum.

This year we as a Community are again responsible for the Easter Window in the Town Centre, on behalf of the local Council of Churches. We last did the window depicting the story of the Passion and Resurrection in 2015

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