Thy Kingdom Come

The Community will again lead this initiative in Abergavenny this year.

Writing in the May Parish Magazine, Our Sub Prior, Fr Tom Bates says:

Thy Kingdom Come

Words from the Lord’s Prayer. Simple words which in the midst of an ever faster paced, increasingly complex world resonate deep in the heart, and can draw us no only back to the wellsprings of our own faith, perhaps our childhood, but back to the fundamental roots of 2000 years of Christian heritage. Simple words that have hung upon the lips of so many people each day, in every kind of situation and condition of human need. When we consider that, even these very simple words can blow us away with their awesome power and far reaching influence.


Those simple words can blow us away, because by their simple eloquence we can come to know the Father as the Son, and in those simple words we, mere dust and shadows, can become children of God as we dare to call him ‘Our Father’.

In the gospels, we learn about prayer as a participation in the life of the Trinity from the person of the Son, Jesus Christ. We witness not only what he taught his followers about prayer, but most importantly we have the example of how he himself prayed. We are granted a glimpse into the inner, family life of the Most Holy Trinity, and in glimpsing we are caught up in, and incorporated into that life.

A prayer initiative, started by the Church of England, is marking out the period of time between Ascension and Pentecost: that period of ten days when we read that the disciples themselves were gathered together in ‘constant prayer’ with Mary the mother of Jesus, waiting for the promised ‘Comforter’, the Holy Spirit.

The ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative was started in recent years by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and it has spread to become and ecumenical period of prayer all over the world. During these ten days between Ascension and Pentecost, from 30th May – 9th  June we are invited to pray with special fervour for the ushering in of Christ’s kingdom here on earth.

There are many ways for everyone to be involved, and we will be doing things as a church, including a set of ‘journey through the Bible’ prayer stations at St Mary’s along with opportunities for corporate prayer.. I hope that you will commit to setting aside a short time each day for those ten days to pray for the Church’s mission here in this place and worldwide as we prepare to celebrate her birthday at Pentecost

I pray that this period of ten days will be a blessed and holy time for you, and that you will have confidence and faith in the vital work in which you are participating.

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