The new Community gathers

So we have gathered ahead of the Admission Service at 3.30pm today.

“Man can not live by bread alone”…but we do need food so our first task was to do the weekly shop. Brs Josh & Nicolas are seen choosing the vegetables, while the Prior supervises.

“……but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” So straight after shopping we went to say our Evening Office of Vespers, then three hours later the night office of Compline. Time and space to listen to God.

The photo shows Brs Seb, Nicolas & Josh on their way to St Mary’s Priory at 8.15am on Sunday to say Lauds.

Then as it is a FEAST (THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY) we treated ourselves to breakfast at Luigi’s …

We are looking forward to welcoming Nathaniel later, but before that the Mid day office of Sext.

Also Br Josh is being busy tweeting as we are the host administrators this week of the Anglican Religious Twitter account. Do check it out!

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