The First fortnight of the new Community

Much of our first week was taken up with Induction, being introduced to the various policies under which we operate and to the working of the site. All boring stuff you may think, but essential for good and safe working practices.

Church Warden Caroline Woollard taking us through the Policy File

We also had three sessions of training normally offered by the Church in Wales to Pastoral Assistants, as we learn to engage with the wider Christian Community in Abergavenny.

On Saturday of the first week we joined the Annual Fr Ignatius Pilgrimage from Llantony Abbey up the the Valley to the site of his Monastery. After Mass at St David’s Church, Llantony and lunch there is the walk to Capel Y Ffin for Evensong and then solemn procession to the Monastery. Fr Ignatius was one of the pioneers of the Anglican revival of monasticism. More information.

Canon Phillip Wyn Davies Celebrates at St David’s, Llantony

While at Llantony we meet with brothers from The British Orthodox Church: Abba Serphim the Metropolitan of Glastonbury, Archbishop James Titular of Caerleon-Upon-Usk and Archdeacon Anthony Holland.

The Community with the hierarchy of the British Orthodox Church

Week Two we are on our Induction Retreat with Bishop Dominic Walker OGS, and old friend of the Community and former Superior of OGS and Bishop of Monmouth.

Redacre Convent

We are looking forward to spending the week with the Sisters of Jesus Way in their Convent on the Wirral. The Sisters come from a Methodist back ground, so it will be interesting to see what they can teach us. While most of the offices on the Retreat we will say as a Community using our Benedictine Office Book, we will join them nightly for their Evening Prayers.

On Monday morning we will say our Office of Lauds and Mass in the Priory Church, then after breakfast head north, stopping enroute for a picnic lunch. We plan to be back at St Mary’s Priory for Vespers on Thursday. On Friday we will have a rest day.

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