First Reflections of Br Nicolas

Retreat leader, Bishop Dominic with Br Nicolas and Nathaniel (who will join us in the new year).

Greetings everyone. My name is Nicolas. This is a bit of my spiritual story.

I’ve been living as a member of a new Anglican monastic community for now two weeks. 

After my arrival into Wales, I had to make myself comfortable quickly, as I started a new journey of faith. From my little town in France, I was now living into a wonderful Welsh city where God called me to serve. 

I must say I’ve been really anxious and stressed about this new move. Is there where you want me to be, Lord? Will I be able to love people enough? Am I in the right place? How will you nurture my vocation to the priesthood?

As an extrovert person, I really enjoyed to be surrounded by quiet people from the community. Their quietness strengthened me to listen to God’s voice more deeply. I felt myself truly embodied into their lovely silent presence. Stability becomes true to me and anxiety started to leave me. 

God’s first language is silence, says St. John of the Cross. 

At the Mass of installation, we’ve received a message about how Mary made herself able to listen to God. How silence and obedience meet and work together. 

Now, I feel I am in a place where I can truly meet God, where people in the parish and the local town can teach me about their lives. I learnt and still learn how to abandon myself to the mercy of God, and how to minister as a lay member to the people in the parish and beyond. 

It has been hard. It has been disturbing. A new rhythm of life and prayer. A new place. A new language (though my English is good enough).

All these new elements have become more and more enjoyable day after day. I’ve been remarkably and joyfully amazed by the kindness my fellow brothers, the Prior and Sub Prior bestowed upon me. 

As I continue to walk in the path of Christ, I rejoice to be able to do so with such incredible persons of faith. 

May God help us all to do his will, to love more deeply and carefully our neighbours. 

Thanks for having read my reflection. 


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