The Twelve Days of Christmas

It really starts to feel like Christmas at the Community when we lead the Christingle Service at 4pm on Christmas Eve.

We will dress up as various characters. The Prior as the Grumpy Innkeeper, Sub Prior as Angel Gabriel and Brs Seb and Nicolas as Shepherds. We hope one of the young people will arrive dressed as Mary and as Jospeh.

The Sheep will be on sticks. Confused? – why not come and see.

Having had Christmas cake and something to drink with the Prior we will be back in the Priory Church to Bless the Crib and help with Mid Night Mass. The Prior will preach and the Sub Prior Celebrate.

On Christmas Day we will between us Celebrate / Serve at services at 9am, 10.30am and 11am…………then we will enjoy our Christmas Lunch.

Our final duty of the day is hosting the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting the Priory Centre from 8pm – 9pm.

Having had a very busy month we will then rest for a week…..offices will be said again publicly from January 2nd.

Do have a Blessed Christmas….see you in 2020!

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