About the Community

The Holywell Community is a New Monastic Community in Abergavenny living by the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict, almost 500 years after the original monks left St Mary’s Priory.

The Beginnings

Up until the reformation under King Henry VIII there had been a Benedictine priory on the site of St Mary’s since 1087. However at this time it was closed and the Priory Church became the town’s Parish Church. Fast forward almost 500 years and Fr Mark and his then colleagues were wondering how to bring back that Benedictine spirit to the parish and wider community. After a few years of groundwork the community was finally launched in September 2014 consisting of Fr Mark, Amy and Samuel and a few months later Deacon Sarah joined them as Sub-Prior. Speaking at the commissioning Fr Mark said  “It is exciting to be re-creating a Benedictine community here after a 500 year gap – and thus going back to our roots.”


Where we are now


Led my Fr Mark our Prior and  we are now going in to our fourth year. We follow the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict; adapting it slightly to suit our circumstances but staying as true to it as is possible. Members sign up for a year at a time and live in the Holywell Community House with the other Lay Members. We live, work, eat and pray together; carrying each other along as we seek to serve God in Abergavenny. If you are exploring a call to the Ordained or Religious Life or simply looking for a year to spend serving God then life at Holywell will challenge and strengthen you and where possible we seek to give opportunities to explore those callings.

For more information see our flyer here.



3 thoughts on “About the Community

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  2. It is really exciting to hear about this. The monastic and minster models of ministry are the direction towards which our Church must look for strength and growth in the future. If I was much younger I would be asking to join you.


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