Hello Br Nathniel / Goodbye Fr Mark

Fr Mark Soady’s last duty today before standing down as our Prior was to admit our new Concentor Br Nathaniel.

As Concentor Br Nathaniel will be responsible for music in the Community. From New Zealand he formerly was an Organist in Liverpool.

Having made his promises he was admitted by Fr Mark and presented with his pectoral cross. His predecessor Simon Pratt greeted him and the Sub Prior read from the Rule of St Benedict.

Later, in front of a packed church, Fr Mark handed over his Pectoral Cross to Fr Tom, Sub Prior as he handed over to him the oversight of the Community.

As he did so he prayed:

“O Lord Jesus Christ, Good Shepherd and guardian of our souls, you have said ‘my yoke is easy and my burden light’. As I lay down this cross strengthen me to take up another as I continue my journey to you. Keep those you have entrusted to me faithful to your name and send them the spirit of truth to be their guide and comforter. Raise up a faithful pastor to guide and shepherd your flock in this place. For all that has been thanks. to all that will be, yes”.

After which the Community prayed over him, asking for God’s blessing on his future ministry.

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