Here is a a flavour of the things we’ve been doing this Holy Week, around our normal round of prayers.

Tuesday in Holy Week

Having attended the Diocesan Chrism Mass in the morning we spent the afternoon taking out the Passion message in to the sheltered housing complexes where we sang seasonal Hymns with the residents of Victoria Court.

Wednesday in Holy Week

The morning was spent helping lead a craft morning for families at Holy Trinity Church. Great Fun was had by all!

Maundy Thursday

After the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ washing the disciples feet on the first Maundy Thursday, today we polished the shoes of commuters on their way to work from Abergavenny Station.


Later we assisted at the Priory Church’s Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Feet Washing, Stripping of the Altars, and then accompanied the Blessed Sacrament as it was processed through the town to the Garden of Repose at Holy Trinity Church.


Good Friday

Christchurch at 9am saw Sr Jennii lead the Stations of the Cross.

After joining in the Ecumenical Silent March of Witness through the town, we led an Ecumenical Devotion at the Foot of the Cross in the Priory Church. This was the last use of Nigel Robert Pugh’s Stations of the Cross before the display closes

We marked the last hour at 2pm, and Concentor Br Simon joined the Priory Choir for their Sacred concert at 7pm.

Cyprus & Gulf Deacon to join us for 2 months


The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf will second one of its Deacons to the Holywell Community for two months, it has been announced. The Revd Kinsgley Douglas will join us in a months time.
Kingsley Douglas was born in April 1962 in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and is married
to Sugirthamalar Victoria Douglas; they don’t have any children.

In 1982 Douglas entered theologicalcollege in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, studying
for BDivi studies (affiliated withSerampore Theological Collage, West
Bengal, India) but due to ethnic conflict,he didn’t complete the full term course
(only studying for two years and fourmonths) as the college was closed down.

In 1985 he entered the Engineering Faculty (Civil) of Bangalore University
India, graduating in 1990. During the course, in 1989, the Bishop of Jaffna
from Jaffna Diocese ordained him as aDeacon and he served various churches
in the northern part of Sri Lanka.In 1991 Douglas relocated to the
southern part of Sri Lanka (Colombo)due to ethnic war and in 1995 he got a
job with the Sri Lanka Tender Board(Government Department) as a Civil
Engineering Consultant. He assisted invarious churches in the southern Sri
Lanka under the Colombo Diocese ofSri Lanka.

In 2002 he too up a position in DohaQatar as a Civil Engineering Consultant
(Qatar Government organization) and in2004 entered a post- graduate course BSc
in Health, Safety & Environment (QatarUniversity), graduating in 2008.

In 2013 he started priest ordination training with the Cyprus and Gulf
Diocese and from 2015 to present has worked at the Qatar Anglican Centre,
currently serving as a Manager Facilities and HSE and assisting the church
activities as a diaconate role.Douglas is treasurer of Qatar LionsClub

We are recruiting now for August intake

The Holywell Community is a New Monastic Community in Abergavenny living by the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict, almost 500 years after the original monks left St Mary’s Priory.

We are recruiting for young people to join us in Community from Mid-August 2017 .

If you are wondering what to do after you leave University or College this Summer, are passionate about Jesus and looking to give a year to God or test your vocation to the Ordained or Religious life, we may be what you are looking for.

In addition, we are seeking a young musician/composer to join the Holywell Community as Lay Concentor.

If you would like further information or are interested in joining the Community why not give our Prior, Canon Mark Soady a call on 07968 753978 to chat about it or email vicar@stmarys-priory.org


Ashes to go

The Community today took out the Ash Wednesday liturgy on to the streets of Abergavenny. After our Episcopal Visitor, Bishop Richard Celebrated Mass in the Priory Church and Ashed us, we took out the Ash to the Market.


Our Prior, Canon Mark Soady noted how the action of taking out the Ashing on top the Streets enabled us to engage with the public about or faith and to ex[plain the thinking behind the Lenten fast.

Bible Study Sessions

Tomorrow begins the first of our bible study sessions. It will be taking place in the priory centre at 6.30pm.

The first topic to be covered will be the beatitudes, run by Sr Jennii. The topics that will follow will be verses looking at knocking at the door, the miracles of Jesus, the patriarchs, psalms and their themes, and the be not afraid statements.

Each session should last approximately 40 minutes, but we’ve booked time to allow us up to an hour in case the discussion is very productive.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Br Simon and Sr Jennii

The ‘Concentor’ Explained

What is a Concentor? Well, it comes from the Latin “concentio” which has a number of meanings, including “music”, “harmony” and “singing together”.

So how does that fit into the life of the monastic community? There are a number of roles that I fill as the Concentor in a monastic community. First and foremost is being a full member of the community, and helping to lead it prayer life through music. This encompasses a few different roles. The first being that I help to lead the sung parts of the offices i.e. the hymns etc. at Lauds, Sext, Vespers and Compline. But as well as leading the hymns, I take on the role of finding hymns for the day, that are appropriate within the liturgical calendar.

Secondly, I contribute to the musical life of the wider parish, which often involved working within a team of musicians. Primarily, this involves being a member of the Choir in St Mary’s Priory Church. This links back into leading worship through music, as it is regularly my job to sing the Preces at evensong. The musical life of the Concentor isn’t all traditional however. In All Age Worship, working with Deacon Sarah and Sr Jennii, we have started doing modern christian rock music on a regular basis.

Thirdly, it provides time for me to develop as a musician, which is based largely on providing time for to practice singing, as well as attend two singing lessons a week. However, it can equally provide time for refining compositional skills or to practice conducting. It has even provided time for me to do some academic reading (a novelty for me) in order to prepare for my dissertation.

Today marks two months since I was commissioned into the community, and a lot has happened in that time. I’ve developed a lot as a musician but there’s more to it than that. I’ve been learning how to appropriately choose music for offices which is liturgically correct. But I’ve also developed spiritually as well as musically. The support in and around the community is truly incredible, and I feel blessed to be in such a supportive environment, where I have been given the chance to grow musically and spiritually.


Br Simon